Medical Checkup Camp

“Adopt a Patient” program has been started where free medicines has been provided and follow ups to very sick patients who otherwise could not afford medical care. We are already taking care of one of the patients under this program..We wish to introduce your organization to our medical/health care facilities that we have been extending to various organizations like Sitel, Webgns, Minnion Cafe etc..

Blood Checkup Camp

To inspire people to donate blood voluntarily . Create awareness among the people about the noble cause of Blood Donation.
Such camps can provide a platform where people can share their experiences in voluntary blood donation and establish a regional network among donors specially the youth for information sharing and capacity building.
One of the other prime objective could be to provide opportunities for the formation or strengthening of youth donor clubs in society.
When the need arises ,to provide in time blood to patients (serious injuries, organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, complicated surgical procedures and cancer treatment), support immediate blood or data base in case of emergencies, disasters , natural calamities etc to replenish the supply of blood in blood bank, which decreases from time to time.